10 Signs that You’ve Joined the New Rat Race

As I write this, I work in a co-working space. I find it ironic that there are so many people (myself included) who have ditched office culture and checked out of the rat race, only to build new offices and perhaps, join another race? Here are 10 signs that you may be a member:

  1. You’re marketing an online course on how to market online courses
  2. You sell ebooks on how to sell ebooks
  3. You’ve logged enough hours to have built a career from learning how to escape the trappings of having a career
  4. The number of books you’ve bought on the topic of personal finance exceeds the number of dollars in your personal savings account
  5. You just updated your social media status before making it to sign 6
  6. You brows more how-to content per month than Rain Man could read in a year
  7. You belong to three or more mastermind groups
  8. You hack stuff
  9. The use of words such as; “outcome”; “output”; “effective”; “efficient”; “productivity” and “10x” within the same sentence is common place among your peer group
  10. You’ve just quit your job to join the New Rich…

Welcome to the new race.


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