Born out of ancient philosophies; solidified by personal experience, The Limitless Self implies that our natural state of being is one without restriction. It is only as a result of our exposure to cultural, social, and personal beliefs, that our minds become cluttered and we perceive ourselves as creatures bound by limitation.

The message here is subtle, but quite powerful, when applied to how we gear ourselves for  personal progress: It says that all roads to achievement have always been in place – we succeed with any intention not by adding more bricks to construct the path, but by removing the blocks that stand in our way.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, “perfect health” is considered to be the human baseline. The approach to healing is not to target the symptoms of a disease, nor treat the “sick” organ, but to find the root cause, eliminate the source of dysfunction, and allow our inherent state of good health to be naturally restored.

Whether your goal is to restore your baseline mental or physical strength, or strive to go far beyond – the “Limitless Self” approach can be your steadfast guide. Apply it to rehabbing an injury, running a marathon, or adopting an entirely new habit or skill – the process will be the same. Using my method, you will learn how to:

  1. Set your intention
  2. Identify the roadblocks
  3. Dismantle them
  4. Pursue your cleared path to achievement, and
  5. Replicate the results in key areas of your life to raise your “potentiality set-point”

The key to realizing significant change, of course, and the big question on your mind, which pertains primarily to that third step above is: how do i overcome the roadblocks? – three words:  READ –  MY –  BLOG – !

For right now, suffice it to say, you’ve got all the “right stuff” within you already. What you will have to focus on is letting it out! – Take it from Lee, Bruce Lee, that is; he always liked to explain that a sculptor does not create a masterpiece from a chunk of stone by adding layer upon layer; he chips away the inessentials until the subjects’ true nature is revealed.

The Limitless Self is more then a frame of mind… it is our fundamental reality. Reveal it!


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What’s My Story?

I am obsessed with figuring out how things work. From studying the pyramids of Egypt at age four and reading this epic book every single night of my childhood, to attending Lafayette college for Mechanical Engineering – I’ve felt a burning need to understand the mechanisms behind all things. But early in my twenties, I was met with challenge that I could NOT understand using only my mechanical mind… >>Read More

“We all have moments, pivot points that serve as catalysts for changing the way we think and live. These moments can feel like subtle nudges or pressing matters that implore us to take an entirely different route. The key, I believe, is to truly acknowledge when the old ways stop working, and embrace new alternatives that can and will. — New paradigms are not forged, but revealed only once the journey is already underway.  Our first step needn’t be a leap; one deep breath may  send us on our way. As small steps accumulate to carry us over a distance, a new way of thinking eventually emerges, and we may discover a new world of possibilities that we never knew existed…  Such has been my experience, and the reason that I share” – Ben Ahrens


About the Author:

Ben Ahrens is a Board Certified Practitioner of Holistic Health, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, and a Fitness Writer. He has spoken for a variety of companies and educational institutions, domestic and worldwide including; TEDx, Habit Design, Quantified Self, Hunter College, NYU, Quantum Institute (Delhi, India), Esalen Institute, and the US Military. Both his professional and his life experience have lead him to amass a diverse array of accomplishments, some of which include:

  • Executive Vice President at Innovative Medicine 
  • Ten years of experience working in Manhattan as a professional trainer and private adviser to high-ranking executives, celebrity actors,  high-level athletes, and rehabilitating patients.
  • Author of a weekly health column for the East Hampton Independent providing expertise on fitness as an integrated lifestyle.
  • Director of the Main Beach Surf Camp, responsible for recruiting and managing its 200 campers and professional camp staff ( 2007 ~ 2009).
  • Lead coordinator for Billabong’s Northeast Coast operations and host of annual  water-sport events
  • Guest lecturer at NYU Langone Medical Center, New York Times headquarters, Fahrenheit 212, and multiple other venues
  • Received the 2010 Turn the Corner Lyme Foundation “ Courage Award” and spoke on behalf of patients in Time Square’ s Edison Ballroom.
  • Founder of a national health consulting service
  • Author of The Limitless Self Blog and Podcast

Ben holds a BA degree in Philosophy from Lafayette College, and advanced certifications in Personal Training, Sports Nutrition, Biological Medicine, Bio-energetics, and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) . He also maintains specialties in Corrective Exercise and Performance Enhancement and is an accredited member of the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Most recently, Ben has been studying German Biological Medicine,  Applied Kinesiology, Quantum Mechanics, and Practical Applications for Advanced Bioenergetic Analysis as the “most advanced medical diagnostic method of the 21st century”. He is currently working with Innovative Medicine LLC to educate doctors worldwide and facilitate a necessary change toward a new paradigm in medicine.