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Full Disclosure –

I began this blog to connect with intelligent readers and work lovingly on each post with the primary objective of exploring, learning and sharing the truth.

Specific resources that I have found (and some that have found me), and I believe to be of extremely high quality and offer true benefit to their consumers, are linked using affiliate URLs or associate links which may (and hopefully will) lead to revenue for this site, to help fund the continued efforts that go into research, maintenance, hosting and content generation for its administration.

If would like to purchase any items referenced on this site but do not wish to support its administrator – no hard feelings. You may open a similar product or service link apart from the one that has been provided via this website. If you do enjoy the information on this site, find it useful, and you wish to support me on my quest in further exploring the boundaries of human potential and sharing what is learned, then please tell your friends and family to only purchase such items using my Amazon LLC Associate Program participant links! – Many thinks and love all around.

– Ben



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