Be the Person Your Dog thinks You Are

Be the person your dog thinks you are…

The first time I heard this was last year from Dr. Joe Dispenza at the Quantum Medicine conference. Joe is a person who has completely re-wired his brain and rebuilt his spine after shattering his back in a bike/car collision. He did this using the power of focussed intent and he has the scientific data to back it all up. His books, You are the Placebo as well as Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself lay it all out plain and simple and provide many similar NLP methodologies I wrote about in these three previous posts.

But what I like about this quote, inspired by author, Mary Ann Evans’ (pen name, George Eliot) declared intent “To be the person my dog thinks I am”, is that it’s super simple. No fluff.

As stated in this Huffington Post article:

Instead of looking for approval from other people, imagine what your dog thinks of you. The love that your dog has for you is one of the most unadulterated loves. Your dog does not care if you are thin or fat. Your dog does not judge if you are having a bad day. And your dog will never reject your affection. You are your dog’s favorite person. – When another living being loves you so much, why would you ever doubt your self worth? We should instead strive to live up to that love and be the type of person our dog thinks we are.

I’m a huge believer in getting our hands on as many tools and techniques as possible to tame our unruly minds, to the extent that said tools are useful. But every so often, it’s nice to have a quick and easy “go to” declaration that reminds us to let go of reactivity; let go of the judgement we place on ourselves and project unto others; let go of wondering what other people think and just act according to this: I mean…

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