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The Set-Point Effect (Change Your Set-point)The Neuroscience of Making Changes & Having them Stick 

  • Create wiggle room and space to breath and find what excites you, get the root source change, and reconnect with your ability to choose enhancing over self-sabotaging behaviors related to the 7 fundamental areas of life >> Learn More 

Full Focus: Mindfulness When it Matters Most

  • Rapidly engage in the present moment in the most critical circumstances. I’ve interviewed top performing athletes, executives, ER surgeons, and military soldiers and used this technique myself to regain focus and “snap-in” to the present to perform at peak-state while: racing motorcycles on a GP track at 160mph; surfing big waves of the North Shore of Oahu; thriving survival school; healing from a chronic disease, and maintaining deep inner calm in chaotic environments. >> Learn More 

7 Levels of Self-Optimization: A one week process for mastering the self 

  • Why be a somebody els’s slave when you can be your own master? This presentation dives into and connects the seven fundamentals of self-optimization for becoming the most well rounded and balanced VOS (version of self) >> Learn More 

The Core Four of High-octane Living: Breath, Move, Fuel, Play

  • Uplift vitality, reignite excitement, and sustain high performance by learning to breath, move, fuel and have fun.  >> Learn More 

Advanced Breathing Techniques: Recover stronger, faster, and more completely   

  • Cultivate calmness, confidence and control in even the most chaotic environments. Based on the new science of autogenic breath control used by world-class free-divers and olympic gold medalists, we take a deep dive to tame the most fundamental of all human voluntary controls, the breath. >> Learn More 

Power Curve Training: Sustaible High-Performance 

The hight of your performance is only limited by your ability to get into the trough prior to launch. Like a skateboarder on a ramp, the deeper he goes into the valley, the more momentum he gathers and higher he leaps. Power Curve training is a advanced methodical approach to exercise programing that takes your unique “recoverability” into account for Sustaible High-performance. >>learn More