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In Short Order Radio Interview with Ben Ahrens

Ont Sunday, April 13th, I was interviewed by Sue Vogan, Medical liaison and Founder of the Physicians’s Round Table conference in Tampa Florida. Topics Discussed include:

    • My story and path to healthcare
    • The revolutionary Bioresonance Analysis of Health method
    • A scientific and medical new age calling for new cutting edge technology
    • How to go about entering a new paradigm of health and healing
    • The Mastery of Dr. Thomas K. Szulc, MD,  in assembling the new practitioners toolkit
    • New insights into complex chronic conditions: who heals, who doesn’t and why
    • Medical specialists: the benefits and limitations
    • A new integrative approach based on true collaboration
    • Transcending limitations to the future of medicine


The Bioresonance Analysis of Health method has become a prime interest of mine, both as a former patient to now VP at Innovative Medicine where leading researchers, teachers and physicians are currently working to bring this technology into the medicinal mainstream.

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