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Here are the links I mentioned in last night’s talk. For anyone interested in understanding the real power behind techniques such as visualization, routine adherence, and NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) – I implore you to read theses articles. Each of them is guaranteed to blow your mind!:

  • Do You Suffer From Decision Fatigue – This recent NY times article explores the implications of recent research findings which conclude that we, in fact, have a finite amount of decision-making power per day.
  • Rewiring the Brain to Ease Pain – This article ran in the Wall Street Health Journal on November 15th. It talks about pain perception and its role in perpetuating vicious cycle diseases. It also aims to validate the importance of including psychotherapeutic treatments for pain management and illness recovery.
  • The Power of Imagination – By far, this is one of the most shocking and impressive studies ever conceived. This blog captures an excerpt from Norman Doidge’s NY Times bestseller, The Brain That Changes Itself: It describes an experiment, the participants of which showed a 22% muscle-strength increase over a four week period using NOTHING BUT VISUALIZATION! – Something to think about next time you’re struggling under the squat-machine.
  • The Amygdala Hypothesis by Ashok Gupta, A.K.A. “Unconscious Amygdalar Fear Conditioning in a Subset of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Patients” – recorded in Medical Hypothesis Vol. 59, 2002. Gupta also puts out an Advanced CFS Recover Program, the applications of which extend far beyond Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. – This peer-reviewed paper is an absolute game-changer for overcoming the limitations put in place through classical “Pavlovian” conditioning. It’s implications for behavior modification are vast and extreme.

– I hope you enjoy!  Keep living by design!


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