Who Am I? What’s My Deal? and, Why “The Limitless Self”?


In this, my premier post on the new site, I’d like to take the opportunity to explain what is meant by The Limitless Self, how the concept arose, and say what I hope to accomplish through my writing here. But first, a little background on who I am:

My name is Ben Ahrens and I’m the author of these posts. I’m deeply involved in the world of health and physical fitness – as a Practitioner of Holistic Health, a Sports Nutritionist, and Personal Trainer specializing in Corrective Exercise and Performance Enhancement. I wrote a health column for a newspaper out of college, taught classes in fitness and nutrition in NYC, and operated a water-sports camp in East Hampton. All in all I considered myself an example of robust health and devoted my time to promoting fitness as an integrated way of life.

But life is filled with uncertainty, and events soon forced me to look beyond the realm of physical fitness in my search for self-improvement.

Early in my twenties, and despite my best efforts at the time, I watched my active lifestyle vanish and health dissolve as I began a rapid and perilous descent into the mystery-shrouded world of chronic Lyme Disease. Much to my dismay, none of my previous health efforts would have much bearing on where I was headed, but I would learn one of my most important lessons to date: What determines success and defines our character is not our ability to avoid all obstacles; it’s how we move forward in the face of obstacles that really matters.

Severely debilitated with no cure in sight, I questioned everything; I stopped at nothing. I learned the science, wrestled with concepts, shifted through paradigms, launched explorations in consciousness and conducted full-force investigations into the outer boundaries of human potential.

– And what I found was astonishing…. it’s Limitless!

In retrospect, I’d set off down a mind-bending path that brought me through every medical modality imaginable and in the end, restructured my entire conception of science, self, and what I now know to be possible.

So what is “The Limitless Self”?

The concept of a “Limitless Self” implies that our natural state of being is one without restriction.  It is only as a result of our exposure to cultural, social and personal beliefs that our minds become cluttered – and we perceive ourselves as creatures bound by limitation.

The message here is subtle, yet quite powerful.  It says that all roads to achievement have always been in place — We succeed with any intention, not by adding more bricks to construct the path, but by removing the blocks that stand in our way.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, “perfect health” is considered to be the human baseline. The approach to healing is not to target the symptoms of a disease, nor treat the “sick” organ, but to find the root cause, eliminate the source of dysfunction, and allow our inherent state of good health to be naturally restored.

Whether your goal is to restore your baseline mental or physical strength, or strive to go far beyond – the “Limitless Self” approach can be your steadfast guide. Apply it to rehabbing an injury, running a marathon, or adopting an entirely new habit or skill – the process will be the same. Using my method, you will learn how to:

  1. Set your intention
  2. Identify the roadblocks
  3. Dismantle them
  4. Pursue your cleared path to achievement, and
  5. Replicate the results in key areas of your life to raise your “potential set-point”

The key, of course, and challenge in question is how to tackle those middles steps. All that and more will be revealed as my posts unfold and I heartily invite you to subscribe and share the message with others.

For right now, suffice it to say, you’ve got all the “right stuff” within you already. What you will have to focus on is letting it out! – Take it from Lee, Bruce Lee, that is; he always liked to explain that a sculptor does not create a masterpiece from a chunk of stone by adding layer upon layer; he chips away the inessentials until the subjects’ true nature is revealed.


The Limitless Self is more then a frame of mind… it is our fundamental reality!


My mission to inspire you to reclaim the power that is inherently yours; transcend limitations that stand in your way; and move forward in life — no matter what — with a sense of expanded possibility, courage, and optimism… knowing that nothing is beyond you.

You have the strength, you bear the might, all you need is the how…. and so, I write.




  1. Lucien says:

    Thanks Ben, for your wonderful inspirational thoughts. Love the great job you did with site.

  2. Michele says:

    This is fantastic. It is so true what you shared, it is great to hear it expressed succinctly, and clearly. It is truly inspiring.

  3. Rainie Cole says:

    Great job, Ben. Very inspirational. Can’t wait to read more.

  4. Terry Ross says:

    I enjoy the articles..

  5. Mark says:

    Identify the road stopping you taking action, remove them and take action. Great article Ben

  6. Ivonne says:

    Is everything my subconscious has been telling me for years, but written. Thank you for the inspiration.

    1. Ben says:

      Yes, we can delude ourselves so easily by only paying attention to that which we can see and touch… but the subconscious will always hunger for the truth. Thanks for you comment!

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