Let Go: How and Why To Make Space in Your Life

Living is a form of not being sure, not knowing what next or how. The moment you know how, you begin to die a little. The artist never entirely knows. We guess. We may be wrong, but we take leap after leap in the dark… ― Agnes De Mille

It may be my selection bias or maybe it’s just because I live in New York, but I believe we’ve become OBSESSED with productivity and control. I myself have spent countless hours (and probably dollars) acquiring, learning and implementing elaborate systems for getting things done. Or creating “optimal” structures that oftentimes lead to nowhere. Yet for all my explorations, experiments & shenanigans, here is the ONE THING I’ve found that consistently works: Creating Space.

Last night over dinner I was talking with a friend. We spoke about taking action when action is required. I mentioned creating space for our outcomes to be fulfilled. And he asked me, “How do you create space?” – Kamal, I wanna change my answer. – The answer I gave was regarding what I do. I physically declutter. I clean my place and get organized. But this is only an external expression of the internal driver and real mechanism at work. That mechanism, is surrender aka, letting go.

We spoke about the importance of decisions e.g. “collapsing the wave” (into a particle/particular): You see, we live in a field. That field, is possibility. But to get anything done we must change the dynamic of the field. We must convert the possible into the actual! And this we do by making a decision (decision from the latin origin, like incision, which means to cut away all other possibilities). The moment we decide, “I’m going to do x,” we’re free! Free to let go of the countless other options we’d otherwise entertain had the choice not been made. Options such as doing w, y, z, q, or anything that ultimately equates to not doing x. 

So how do I create space and get things done, really?

  1. I decide on or choose x (when x = the thing I know I can’t not do)  and
  2. Surrender and let go of all other possibilities (including the possibility to not do x). 

Now, from this newly created space, what happens next is not grinding nor pushing. It’s honoring my decision and nurturing that space until the intention becomes self-actualized.

Does this make sense? Y/N? Comment below.

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