One Windy Morning

Wind howling out the window. Trees bending like straws in a breeze. Bushes growl and scratch at the walls.

But inside all is calm.

Cold air blasts thatchings, seeping seemingly through the inner walls. Summer has set. Calm turned to chaos.

But inside all is calm.

Chills overtake the surface of the skin. The ears hear howling; the eyes see white-caps. The mind thinks thoughts; fearful thoughts of nature and impermanence.

But inside there is love.

One windy morning is a short poem about impermanence inspired by friends who have recently departed. May it remind us that hurt and sorrow are part of life but always love abounds.  


  1. Riz says:

    Nice one – the inner game is the one to master.

    1. Ben says:

      Thanks Riz – Mastery of the self is the most difficult kind but also the most necessary and rewarding

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