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The privacy policies set forth on this page are intended to disclose how voluntary visiter information is maintained and utilized on the website:

Types and Uses of Personal Information

When you use this website, personally identifiable information about you may be collected and processed by The Limitless Self only with your expressed opt-in participation. In general, we only collect information ā€“ such as your name and e-mail address, when you knowingly provide it to us. In addition, The Limitless Self may automatically collect or process personally identifiable information (such as your Internet domain or IP address) as part of the normal operation of this website, or during the normal course of your activities on or use of this website. By using this website, you are consenting to the collection, processing, transfer, or use of such personal data. If you do not consent to the collection, processing, transfer, or use of such information, then you should not use or discontinue using this website.

Personal Information Shared With Third Parties

Without the user’s express consent, The Limitless Self will not sell, trade, or disclose any user’s personally identifiable information to any third party who would attempt to market products or services to the user. However, The Limitless Self may disclose information to a third party that is assisting in carrying out a transaction for you or providing a service to you such as checking out with paypal or purchasing through

Security Measures

This website utilizes the most current technological and operational security processes to protect personally identifiable information from loss, misuse, alteration, or unintentional destruction. While no security measure can absolutely guarantee against compromise, The Limitless Self regularly reviews and updates its security measures in an effort to provide appropriate security for all personally identifiable information held by this website.

Data Retention

The Limitless Self will not retain your personal information longer than is necessary for the purpose it was collected. If at any time you do not want The Limitless Self to store your information, please feel free to contact its administrator and request all information be deleted from the system.

Linked Websites

The Limitless Self occasionally provides links from to third-party websites. Since we do not control these outside websites, we encourage you to always review the privacy policies posted on these websites as apart from the ones posted here.

The Limitless Self has not verified the accuracy of all of the contents of the third-party website, and the inclusion of any medical or health advice on this website does not imply endorsement of an individual provider by The Limitless Self.

Use of Cookies

The Limitless Self may use “cookies” in connection with the operation of its website. Cookies are used for record-keeping purposes; that is, so the stored information on your computer can be retrieved by the Limitless Self website server when you return to the same website. This allows The Limitless Self to personalize or regulate the use of this website, and also permits it to automate the access and data-entry functions of the website such as any login information.

The Limitless Self does not use cookies to track the navigational habits of a user. If you visit our website to read or download content, most of the information collected is statistical only and not personally identifiable data.

The use of cookies is common in e-commerce and they are used at most major websites. You can always clear your cookies manually and empty your cache.

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