The Beginner’s Mind #002 – Adopting A New Worldview with Josiah Bouricius

Topics Discussed

  • How do you shift your worldview?
  • Precognition, synchronicity, dreams & intuition
  • Recognizing your own responsibility and ability to change your life & health
  • Spontaneous recovery and the “holy shit” of healing experiences
  • The role of emotional processing for healing & recovery
  • How  & why to live consciously in the present moment
  • If you have a big enough dream, you don’t need a crisis?
  • Creating our own crisis – is there wisdom in it?
  • The commodification of spiritual practices
  • Conspiracy theories & conspiracy fact
  • Stand up comedy
  • Dream Journals

About Josiah

Josiah grew up in a family that was very skeptical of both religion and ‘new age’ spirituality. When he experienced miraculous healing from a severe illness through traditional Chinese medicine he had a profound spiritual awakening. This led him to the study of Feng Shui, which he has practiced professionally for more than 11 years

Josiah also worked at the Mindshift Institute’s Center For New Knowledge in Northampton, Massachusetts. Inspired and supported by Apollo astronaut, physicist and IONS founder Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the Institute focuses on exploring spiritual phenomena through science.

At the Institute Josiah worked with global leaders in the study of consciousness, energy medicine, quantum physics and much more. He learned that contrary to his previous beliefs science and spirituality are not in conflict and can help each other in the quest for understanding.

Josiah’s personal interests also include standup comedy and visiting sacred sites worldwide.

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