THE EXTREME MIND-BODY CONNECTION – PART III: Extreme Healing and The Absurd Reality of Spontaneous Recovery

The medical world has been taken by storm in the last decade with this concept of neuroplasticity. It says that the brain is not a static structure, as previously conceived, but is rather pliable – like plastic; capable of adapting both functional (synaptic) and structural (dendritic) changes, as visibly seen on PET scans and FMRIs.

In truth, it is not just our brains that are plastic, but as you are learning – it is our entire reality…

Continued from THE EXTREME MIND-BODY CONNECTION – Part II: How to Increase Your Strength by 22% Without Moving A Muscle! and THE EXTREME MIND-BODY CONNECTION – PART I: How to Change Your Life, by Changing Your Mind (The Neuroscience of How Thinking Makes It So) – this final installment in my trilogy of mind-bending phenomenon is sure to change the game insofar as the how we think of medicine, sickness, treatment, and healing. This is my ultimate wish. At the very least, it should raise some eyebrows…

Perhaps some of the most bizarre and mind-boggling examples of the Mind-Body connection that have crossed my path, are those pertaining to studies involving legitimate and well documented cases of MPD or Multiple Personality Disorder. If the following does not convince you of the interconnected reality of mind and body, I can say with certainty, that nothing else will:

Extreme example 1:
International  Society  for the Study of MPD, Chicago – Dr. Bennett Braun documented a case in which all of the individual’s personalities, except one, were allergic to orange juice; the patient would break out into a terrible rash whenever he drank it. But if he drank orange juice while in the non-allergenic personality, one that wasn’t aware he had the allergy, he would have no reaction what’s so ever and could drink orange juice as much as he liked. Further more, if he shifted back to the allergenic personally after having been exposed to oranges, he would break out into a rash, regardless of his lack of recollection.

Extreme example 2:
A Yale psychologist and MPD specialist by the name of Dr. Francine Howland treated a patient who was stung in the face by a wasp and took him to an ophthalmologist because his eye was becoming so swollen and the pain unbearable. Once at the office, the ophthalmologist could make no time to see the patient, so Howland tried coaxing his patient into a different personality. Low and behold, the other personality proved to be less reactive, the swelling went down, and pain subsided. The following day the patient reverted back to his previous mental state and the swelling and pain came back with a vengeance.

Extreme example 3:
“Allergies are not the only things multiples can switch on and off. If there was any doubt as to the control the unconscious mind has over drugs effects, it is banished by the pharmacological wizardry of the multiple.” – Dr. Bennet Braun records a case in which 5mg Valium was enough to fully sedate one patient’s personality while 100mg had virtually no effect on the different personality in the same patient!

Further studies and research groups, conducting experiments surrounding the placebo effect, have revealed that numerous test subjects will act manic after consuming potent tranquilizers, if told they were amphetamines, while other subjects fall fast asleep on 800 milligrams of caffeine (equivalent to drinking 6 cups of coffee) if told they were given a sedative.

The Bottom Line: Where the mind goes, the body follows.

Understanding this reality, and using its knowledge, it quickly becomes apparent that possibilities are limitless… and so are we.




  1. Katherine says:

    Wonderful! Thank you! That was truly inspiring. I have had chronic neurologic Lyme disease, and several other tick borne diseases, for over 11 years and if a slight change in my mental thought process can make a marked difference in my recovery then I’m all for it. Thank you Ben, I feel very optimistic!

    1. Ben says:

      You got it Katherine! It all starts in the mind – Nothing is out of our reach. Let’s take that into account as we go through the tougher times… knowing that the only way out, is through. And that we hold the ability to change ourselves on a fundamental level, despite our circumstances – whatever they may be. Thank you for your comment and for your support. Keep up the optimism and all the good work!

  2. Rich says:

    Hey Ben, this is such a fascinating topic. I’ve been grappling with a persistent knee injury for about 2 years, tried rest, ibuprofen, ART, myofascial relief, Chiropractor, PT, rolling, stretching, glute strengthening, arthroscopy, cortisone, orthovisc,… The doc says their is nothing structurally wrong, the pain stays about the same.

    Heard your podcast with Ari Meisel the other day on your amazing recovery from lyme disease and thought I wonder if I could reprogam my brain with NLP and make the pain go away? Love to hear your thoughts!

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